Businessman and
Retired Army Ranger

Robin Biro, a veteran, father and community organizer, who was born in a ‘hay bale house’ in the southwest, moved to Tucker because of it’s rich history, along with it’s beautiful views of trees, rolling hills, and vistas. He quickly grew to enjoy the friendly and lively main streets, and wholesome activities for families.

Born to high school sweethearts in rural Colorado, he was raised to believe that family and nature are our most invaluable assets. His summers were spent fishing for supper with his dad and drinking from the crystal-clear waters of the neighborhood creek. He watched his dad live proudly as a minimalist, for many years, as he suffered with Addison’s disease. His dad taught him that the health and safety of our communities begins with environmental preservation. 

His mother, owner of the family commercial real estate business, worked to identify opportunities for economic development, which created and sustained healthy communities. She rose through the ranks to become the only woman in her region to hold both a MAI and SRA designation, signifying that she is in the top 1% of experts. From his mom, he learned the importance of infrastructure and how it directly impacts quality of life. 

Passionate about community engagement, as a young man in Columbia, SC, he garnered national attention. He formed a coalition amongst housewives and the service industry, to lobby for the invocation of an anti-smoking initiative in public spaces throughout the city. He was recognized by the 2008 Obama presidential campaign as a future leader and thus, was recruited for their Regional Director role in SC, NC and GA.

At age 33, he used his talent for persuasion to make strides for the LGBTQ+ community, by enlisting as a Ranger in the Army and becoming the first openly gay soldier to serve in this capacity. After 10 years of service and two tours in Afghanistan, he closed this chapter as a medical retiree and continued his career in politics as a Democratic strategist. He has participated in close to 2,000 televised debates as a political pundit and media personality. 

He has always been the guy in the trenches, whether in the Army, life, or politics. A couple of years after settling in Tucker for its rich history, rolling hills & vistas, and friendly main streets, he was paralyzed by the unexpected passing of his father. He fought for guardianship of his two half-brothers, who at the time were 11 and 7, and began raising them as a single father in this wholesome family community. 

Collectively, these experiences have framed his capacity for leadership, strategizing and problem solving which positioned him to be the most qualified candidate to serve as Mayor of the City of Tucker.