In January 2017, DeKalb County initiated the Blight Remediation Program (BRP) geared toward systemically eradicating blight throughout the county. Since its creation, 292 vacant, abandoned or poorly maintained properties have been demolished or abated. After identifying approximately 139,000 parcels requiring attention, in 2019, the county worked toward execution of the first-ever comprehensive study of blighted properties. In addition to suffering reductions in property value up to 60%, associations with increases in safety, health and environmental concerns were emphasized. 

Adapting this BRP strategy is the first critical step to addressing blight in the City of Tucker. Secondly, it is important to properly utilize land in a way that respects the character of the city while also laying the groundwork for smart growth. As an example, our oversupply of unused and vacant older retail and warehouse space could reach its economic potential if we market our clear-span warehouse spaces to the film industry, and if we work to attract small-business incubators to our vacant older retail storefronts. Robin’s 20 years of experience in commercial real estate will help the city think out of the box on determining the highest and best use for multi-use redevelopment of old strip malls and overall revitalization of blighted and disused properties. These properties can be turned into hubs of innovation, job creation, and revitalization that are an asset to our vibrant and diverse community. 

Proposal Highlights

  • Adapt DeKalb County’s Blight Remediation Program to the specific needs of Tucker.
  • Generate openminded conversations with the film industry on targeted use of vacant warehouse space to include preservation of Tucker’s small-town charm.
  • Confirm that abandoned or unkempt businesses are current on all required licensures.
  • Organize Tucker Community Code Enforcement to monitor maintenance of blighted properties and to prevent the business from transitioning to a junk yard.
  • Draft a plan to relocate automotive service shops to a location that improves homeowners’ accessibility and eliminates blight.
  • Implement a 60-day grace period for businesses no longer in operation to either reinstate functionality or permanently close.
  • Encourage redevelopment of Tucker’s cluster of vacant warehouses. We have one of the largest supplies of vacant properties in the county.