According to FBI crime statistics, Tucker residents have a 1 in 40 chance of being subject to property crimes or violent crimes (source: Tucker currently ranks in the bottom third of all Georgia cities and towns for crime prevention. There should be no reason that about 67% of residents in other municipalities across Georgia are living in communities that are safer than our own – we can do better job of keeping our families safe from harm’s way. 

We know that a wave of crime that has been emanating across U.S. 78 and is suppressing our property values and preventing economic development of new restaurants, businesses, and redevelopment projects. We also know that the property values in Tucker have have recovered at a rate much slower than surrounding municipalities since the 2008 housing crisis. Driving down crime and incorporating police reform are complimentary actions that must be implemented simultaneously to address this problem. 

Proposal Highlights

  • Identify correlations between Tucker economics and increases in crime using root cause analysis, then address those issues.
  • Ensure that our officers have the resources, training, and support that they need to effectively protect and serve.
  • Work with DeKalb Police department, city officials and HOAs to resurrect a Neighborhood Watch Project.
  • Request more frequent patrolling before an incident and during peak crime hours.