Green Spaces and Preserves

Since growing up spending summers in rural Colorado with his father, Robin has grown passionate about protecting the environment and the natural spaces around us. Drinking the crystal-clear waters from a mountain creek and seeing all the wildlife surrounding his father’s minimalist home to this day impacts how he looks at urban development. Protecting Tucker’s natural resources while guiding its growth is one of Robin’s top priorities.

Tucker is uniquely gifted with a lot of natural beauty with its rolling hills and natural waterways. After helping to clean up the South Fork of Peachtree Creek and visiting the Johns Homestead park with his boys, Robin’s passion to protect all these natural gifts from urban sprawl further solidified. Seeing a Great Blue Heron fishing in the clear waters of Twin Brothers Lakes, in a bedroom community of urban Atlanta, encouraged him to work to keep these areas pristine to reflect the value Tucker citizens place on their natural spaces.

For the purpose of his platform, Robin uses the following definitions:

Protected areas (also called preserves) – areas of land or wetlands that are highly controlled to have minimal human impact. These areas may be used for nature watching, fishing, hiking, etc. and primarily use natural materials for paths, walkways, and seating areas.

Green spaces – a space that is partly or completely covered with grass, trees, shrubs, or other vegetation. They include areas such as parks, community gardens, etc.

Urban green spaces – small spaces in urban areas that bring nature into the city (e.g. trees, shrubs, planters, water features).

Proposal Highlights

  • Create a committee, including a naturalist, to evaluate areas of concern and create plans to clean up and protect our most critical natural areas.
  • Work with civic groups like Friends of Tucker Parks to identify projects that city government can foster and/or assist in.
  • Raise community awareness for better stewardship of our natural resources. Promote monthly cleanup days.
  • Introduce ordinances where necessary and possible to further protect natural areas in Tucker. Solidify current policy concerning protected areas.
  • Work with city planners to include more green spaces and urban green spaces to the revitalization efforts of Main Street.
  • Work with City Council to ensure that urban green spaces are a part of all developmental permits.
  • Apply for federal and state grants to help mitigate costs of large projects.