In March of 2021, the Tucker City Council passed an urban camping ordinance making it illegal to camp out on public property.  We can do better by our displaced individuals than that.  The first order of business will be getting census of the Tucker’s homeless – estimates vary from 15 to about 100, with the general consensus being that there are approximately 70 displaced individuals in our community. Unfortunately, this is a problem that will increase exponentially when federal protections from eviction moratoriums and mortgage forbearance agreements expire. 

Robin feels strongly that the best approach to this problem is multifold and can be addressed by tapping into Tucker’s spirit of volunteerism by partnering with our faith community, and by collaborating with existing organizations that are offering services to homeless in surrounding municipalities instead of reinventing the proverbial wheel.  The City could potentially also offer no-cost certificate programs through our Parks and Recreation Department which would help not only displaced persons, but persons within the city who are losing jobs due to automation not earn more marketable skillsets in a changing job market.  There are so many more humane ways that we can work together to address homelessness – Robin will give a voice to vulnerable populations. 

Proposal Highlights

  • Commission a study to identify and quantify the homeless population.
  • Adapt the Atlanta Commission’s strategy for alleviating homelessness and partner with community organizations to implement the plan.
  • Form a commission involving the faith community, local organizations and experts in homelessness to help institute substance abuse services, jobs and skills programs.
  • Turn non-frontage road plots of land into affordable housing for all ages, abilities, and demographics.
  • Repurpose abandoned properties into transitional housing and job training facilities.
  • Partner with the local Public Health facilities to develop a program to address mental health and substance abuse issues that may have contributed to homelessness.
  • Offer tax incentives to developers for the construction of affordable housing.