Non-discrimination Ordinance

Diversity drives a community. Diversity drew Robin to Tucker when Midtown priced him out. The diversity of Tucker kept him here when he became an unexpected father of two school-aged boys after a family tragedy. Robin plans to continue to grow that diversity as mayor, because our diversity is our strength.

Living as an openly gay man, Robin has seen his share of discrimination; however, it was while on active duty for the Army and in uniform that he faced the most poignant discrimination that haunts him to this day. A store owner wanted to deny him service one day saying that his uniform represented the fact that he was an “entitlement” individual getting “government cheese.” If our service people face such blatant discrimination, then we must fight hard to protect those less represented. It is because the current Mayor and City Council has refused, since 2019, to even allow our draft non-discrimination ordinance to be read for consideration that Robin decided to put on his public servant hat again.

To compound the issue of Tucker not having a non-discrimination ordinance in place, a multitude of businesses will not locate here until the city has an ordinance in place that protects their employees, as nearly all of our surrounding municipalities already do, making them more marketable for new developments and emerging industries like the film industry.  Unfortunately there have already been three newsworthy examples of discrimination taking place within the past year at businesses located within the city limits.  We cannot afford the bad P.R. of appearing that the city turns a blind eye to such mistreatment – discrimination is not a Tucker value but protecting people from discrimination should be.  

Proposal Highlights

  • As mayor, meet with surrounding mayors that have NDOs already in place and assess how those ordinances have impacted their cities.
  • Witin the first 60 days of office, bring the current draft ordinance to the agenda for a reading and vote.
  • If the current draft ordinance does not pass, he will form a committee to revise the draft based on community input. The committee will present a revision to City Council within 90 days of their convening.