Qualifications for Office of Mayor

Relevant Activism

  •  As a concerned citizen, in 2008, Robin successfully formed a coalition between housewives and the service industry, to lobby for an anti-smoking ban in all public spaces throughout Columbia, SC. 
  • At age 33, Biro enlisted as a Ranger in the United States Army and became the first openly gay soldier to serve in this capacity. 
  • Biro’s 20 years of experience in the business sector, as a commercial real estate consultant, equipped him with skills to identify comprehensive economic development opportunities, and thus, he has helped thousands of families, communities and businesses thrive. 
  •  From 2014-2017, Robin served as the Fulton County political organizer helping to elect progressive leadership that improved the quality of life for its residence. 

Relevant Leadership

  • In 2008, Robin was recognized by the Obama presidential campaign as a future leader and thus, was recruited for the Regional Director role in SC, NC and GA. 
  • Biro is a combat veteran that earned the BDE NCO of the year award in 2013-2014 for his leadership in the military.
  • Robin Biro is a nationally recognized expert in local, state and federal politics, and thus, he has participated in close to 2,000 televised debates as a political pundit and media personality.
  • Over the past 20 years, Biro has served on the Board of Directors for several service organizations including: Lions Club, Gay and Lesbian Business Guild, Voices of Note, Stonewall Democrats, Progressive network, S.C. Pride and CAE Chamber of Commerce.
  • Robin is a member of several Tucker serving community organizations including: Smoke Rise Civic Association, Kanawha Community Association, Smoke Rise Chamber of Commerce and DeKalb Citizens Police Academy.
  • As a member and Board member of these service organizations, in summation, Biro helped to raise millions of dollars to support prominent initiatives.
  • Under Robin Biro’s leadership on the Palmetto Board of Directors, the organization doubled its budget and extended their reach in the community. 

Collectively, these experiences have framed his capacity for leadership, strategizing and problem solving which positioned him to be the most qualified candidate to serve as Mayor of the City of Tucker.